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Owner Rokket Horton got into the engine repair business out of love for a car.  As a young man growing up in an industrial area north of Lansing, Michigan, he had very little money but he did have a dream. Every day he passed by a barn where an old Porsche was stored, and the barn doors were open just far enough for him to get a glimpse. Finally one day it was pulled out of the garage, so Rokket approached the owner and asked to buy the car. The owner agreed –for $5000, almost exactly all the money he had saved – and allowed Rokket to work on the car in the barn until it was ready to drive.

When the car was finally fixed up he proudly drove it home – almost.  The car stalled on a one lane bridge, and he had to call a friend to rescue him while all the drivers he blocked threw insults and trash at him.

With the Porsche safely towed to his home, Rokket began studying up.  He bought Porsche magazines, joined a Porsche club and became buddies with a Porsche mechanic. He kept working on the car, improving the parts until it was perfect.

People started coming by and asking him to get them parts, and then they started bringing by their cars to get worked on.  One day he woke up and found 7 Porsches waiting on his front lawn. It was fate!

Rokket has been a high performance driving instructor for about 10 different organizations, including the Porsche Club of America, BMW Club, NASA and many others, and has been racing since the mid 90s, with many poles and podium finishes under his belt.

Rokket is a Michigan State Certified Master Mechanic with 10 automotive certifications.