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Automotive HVAC System Service & Repair

The heating and air conditioning system is responsible for keeping the inside of the car at a comfortable temperature.

Service and Maintenance

The HVAC system should be checked by a professional at least once a year, or when specified in your car’s manual. HVAC maintenance should only be carried out by professionals.

It is recommended to run your air conditioning system at least 10 minutes a month, even when the weather is cold, in order to keep the system properly lubricated.

These conditions should be immediately examined by a professional technician:

  • Musty smell when the system is turned on
  • Inadequate temperatures
  • The car’s temperature gauge is pointing in the red zone
  • Steam is coming from under the hood
  • There are unusual odors either inside the car or coming from the engine compartment
Blower Motor
Compressor Clutch
Expansion Valve


Signs of Wear: Reduced cooling inside the car, visible physical damage.

Compressor Clutch

Signs of Wear: Reduced cooling inside the car, noisy operation of the air conditioning.


Signs of Wear: Inadequate or lack of cooling, clicking or other unusual noise when running the air conditioner.


Signs of Wear: Leaking, cracking or hardening, brittleness. Lack of heating or cooling.


Sign of Wear: Insufficient cooling

Blower Motor

Sign of Wear: Lackk of flow through the vents, unusual noises

Accumulator / Drier

Sign of Wear: Inadequate cooling

Expansion Valve

Sign of Wear: Insufficient cooling