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Belts, Wipers and Cooling Repairs

The cooling system removes heat from the engine to keep it running at the correct temperature. Belts drive the water pump to keep coolant circulating. Wipers and windshield washers keep the windshield free of rain, snow and debris.


Service and Maintenance

A lot of required maintenance can be performed by the owner:

  • Maintain correct coolant levels. Levels should be checked monthly.
  • Use antifreeze in cold climates, according to ,manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Inspect belts for cracks, check tension
  • Check the radiator cap and radiator for leaks, corrosion or worn gaskets.
  • Examine hoses for leaks, cracks or rot, at least once a year, and replace when they show signs of wear.
  • Tighten hose clamps. These should be replaced when the hoses are replaced.
  • Clean debris from the front of the radiator
Serpentine Belt
Timing Belt/Timing Chain
Washer Pump Package
Wiper Arms
Wiper Blades
Radiator Cap
Water Pump
Radiator Hoses
Hose Clamps
Engine Cooling Motor
Radiator Fan