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Belts, Wipers and Cooling Repairs

Timing Belt / Timing Chain

Sign of Wear: Engine stops, engine backfiring.

Serpentine Belt

Sign of Wear: Cracking, splitting, slipping or squealing belt, dimming headlights while driving, loss of battery charge.

Hose Clamps


Sign of Wear: Engine overheating, lack of heat inside the car, decreased fuel economy

Water Pump

Sign of Wear: Engine overheating, leaking coolant, loose water pump shaft, rumbling noise.

Radiator Cap

Sign of Wear: Lack of pressure in the cooling system, vapor coming from the cap, poot fit, worn gasket

Radiation Hoses

Sign of Wear: Leaking, cracking, splitting, brittleness or lack of heat.

Engine Cooling Motor

Sign of Wear: Overheating, squealing noise, fan doesn't turn

Radiator Fan

Wiper Arms

Sign of Wear: Erratic wiping pattern, arms won't pivot

Wiper Blades

Sign of Wear: Streaking, worn or split rubber, skipping, bent wiper frame

Washer Pump Package

Sign of Wear: Cleaning fluid doesn't spray onto windshield.