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Fuel and Engine Management System Service

Fuel-Injected System

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Sign of Wear: Hesitation, stalling, decline in performance. Service Engine light is lit.

Fuel Injector

Sign of Wear: Sluggish performance, poor acceleration, increased emissions

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Sign of Wear: Knocking, lack of power, smoke from engine, increased emissions, reduced fuel economy.

Throttle Body

Includes Idle Air Control Valve and Throttle Position Sensor
Sign of Wear: Irregular idle, stalling, Service Engine light is lit, poor performance.

In-Line Fuel Pump

Sign of Wear: Difficulty starting engine, poor acceleration, intermittent power loss, noise and vibration while driving.


Sign of Wear: Poor acceleration, reduced power

Modular Fuel Pump

Sign of Wear: Difficulty starting, poor acceleration, intermittent power loss, innacurate fuel gauge readings.

Carbureted System

Fuel Pump

Sign of Wear: Reduced engine performance, poor starting and acceleration, intermittent power loss.


Sign of Wear: Sluggish starting or inability to start, rough engine running, stalling, poor fuel economy.

Fuel Sender Unit

Sign of Wear: Inaccurate fuel gauge readings.

Fuel Filter