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Suspension System Repair and Maintenance

Ball Joint

The ball joint serves as a pivot for the wheel assembly, so the wheels can turn in the direction the car is steered.
Signs of Wear: Rough ride, play in the steering wheel, slow or stiff steering wheel return, excessive tire wear on one side.

Lower Control Arm

Joins the wheel hub to the frame, allowing a full range of motion while maintaining correct alignment.
Signs of wear: Uneven tire wear, suspension noise, steering wheel shimmy or vibration.

Coil Spring

The coil spring supports the weight of the car and maintains ride height.
Signs of Wear: Rough, unstable or unconrtollable ride, excessive bounce, tire wear on one side.

Shock Absorber

Minimizes coil spring bounce and helps keep the wheels on the road.
Signs of Wear: Excessive ball joint play, oil leaking along the shock body, broken mounting hardware, worn or missing bushings, excessive bounce, cupped tire wear.

Stabilizer Bar Link

Works with the stabilizer bar to reduce lean and roll while turning corners.
Signs of Wear:Excessive lean while turning corners.


Links the control arm to the chassis and cushions the link.
Signs of Wear:Excessive steering play, hard steering, shimmy, noise, irregular tire wear.

MacPherson Strut

A combined shock absorber and coil spring assembly that links the suspension to the chassis and allows the front wheels to turn side-to-side
Signs of Wear: Ireegular tire wear, play in steering, wet shock body, broken mounting hardware, worn bushings.

Strut Cushion

A bellow that protects the shock absorber piston by sealing out dirt, moisture and other contaminants.
Signs of Wear: Rips, tears or cracking of the cushion.

Strut Mount/Bearing

The mount improves strust assembly operation by increasing damping and restoring smooth steering. The bearing allows the strut to turn with the wheels.
Signs of Wear: Suspension noise, uneven tire wear, steering misalignment. Worn bearings may result in the steering wheel not returning to center.