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Cylinder Head Reconditioning

The following is our procedure for reconditioning cylinder heads:

  1. Heads are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned
  2. All valves, springs, keepers, and retainers are cleaned separately
  3. Spring pressure is checked by a mechanical tester against OEM specifications


  • Wear checked by micrometer
  • Warp checked
  • Margin checked
  • Stem end refaced
  • Valve Face precision ground
  • Overall length equalized

Cylinder Head

  • Surface straightness checked
  • Magnetic particle or pressure tested
  • Guides checked for wear
  • Seats checked and precision cut to proper width and angle
  • Studs checked for damage and proper heights
  • Precision resurfaced
  • Cleaned again prior to reassembly


  • Valve stem heights checked and set
  • Assembled to OEM specifications
  • Mechanical check for leakage on valves and seats

Other Services Performed

  • Crack Repair
  • Valve Seats Installed
  • Spring Pocket Enlarging
  • Overhead Cam Align Boring
  • Helicoils Installed
  • Studs Removed/Installed
  • Spring Heights/ Pressures Set
  • Aluminum Head Heat Straightening
  • Valve Guides Installed
  • Resurfacing
  • Porting and Polishing
  • Install Larger Valves