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Engine Rebuilding

Frequently, the quality of a rebuilt engine exceeds that of the engine that was installed as original equipment. The procedures for remanufacturing an engine are numerous, extensive and thorough; involving cleaning, machining and installing new and reconditioned components.


Certified ASE Technicians install our long blocks, adding new life to your vehicle. Tell Us About Your Engine Issue or Call Us Today at 813-605-5500.


  • Resurfacing heads/blocks
  • Precision power honing of cylinders using diamond stones
  • Refacing valves and seats
  • Grinding and polishing crankshaft journals
  • Reconditioning and resizing connecting rods
  • Thermal cleaning & inspecting
  • Align Honing cylinder heads & blocks

We Provide Complete Engine Machine Service on Crankshafts, Blocks, Connecting Rods, Engine Assembly & Sim-Testing.

Long Block Parts Replaced

**Except some roller and foreign applications

Core Castings Re-machined

  • Thermal cleaning (baking) to 750-800 degrees
  • Magnetic inspection or pressure tested for cracks
  • Blocks are precision power honed to OEM specifications
  • Three-angle performance valve job on cylinder heads
  • Bronze valve liners installed in cylinder heads
  • Crankshaft reground to OEM specifications and polished
  • Connecting rods are checked for straightness, resized, precision honed, and polished to OEM specs