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Less gas, more power - Fuel Injector Cleaning
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Fuel Injector Cleaning & Diagnostics

Dirty fuel injectors can result in:

  • poor acceleration
  • reduced power
  • reduced fuel economy
  • rough idling
  • an incorrect air/fuel mix
  • higher carbon monoxide emissions.

The Engine Lab recommends bringing your car in for fuel injector cleaning every 25,000 miles. Regular fuel injector cleaning will improve your vehicle’s acceleration. You will save money on gas and cut down on harmful emissions, and even extend the life of your engine.

Dirty and Clogged Fuel Injectors


  1. Slightly clogged fuel injector – Fair but weak spray
  2. Clogged fuel injector – Split spray pattern
  3. Clogged fuel injector – Split spray pattern
  4. Clogged fuel injector – jetting on left side
  5. GOOD – unclogged fuel injector
  6. Clogged fuel injector – feathering at the top