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Since 1994, Engine Lab has been one of the most highly-recommended engine shops in the country.  That's because we strive to provide the very best engine services by pairing top ASE Certified Master Machinists with uncompromising customer service.

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The best place to begin is right here.  Just sit back, relax and explain what's happening with your engine or what you're looking for in as much detail as possible.  We personally contact everyone who fills out an online quote so you'll talk to a real person within 24 hours!

Our Engine Services

REPAIR & REBUILD: Have us professionally remanufacture and install your engine/long block or you may purchase one of our premier engines
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Street, strip, or racing, we can make your engine scream with the upgrades and services you need to get it there
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My Guarantee

Rokket Horton


We're Engine Experts.
We've built our good reputation by doing the job right..  That is why all of our rebuilt engines come with a 4 year/48,000 mile warranty.

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Balancing & More

As seen on TV's Two Guys Garage, our computerized precision engine balancing process is state of the art!
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Going to a classic cruise-in and afraid to open the hood?  We offer a detailing service that will turn your past shame into a real sense of pride for your ride!
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